3 Things To Remember When Shopping For Used Cars In Newfoundland

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Some car shoppers are pretty shrewd, and they know what it takes to secure a favorable deal. Others, unfortunately, spend thousands needlessly, mostly because they don’t take the time to research. If you’re worried that you won’t be able to find an affordable vehicle, you should consider these tips before you go used-car shopping in Newfoundland:

1. Keep Your Expectations Reasonable

Don’t be so fussy about colors if saving money is your primary concern. Typically, white, black, gray, and silver vehicles are always in demand, whereas yellow, orange, gold, and purple vehicles are less popular. Dealers looking to offload these not-so-desirable vehicles usually offer attractive incentives with them. Also, picking an unusual vehicle configuration could land you a good deal. For instance, pickup trucks with manual transmission aren’t as preferred as those with automatic transmission. In the end, compromising on a few features could secure you a discount.

2. Pick The Right Time To Buy A Vehicle

Most dealers hold sales events to clear out old vehicle models and make room for the latest models. If you don’t mind buying the last-generation model, look out for vehicle launch dates. Start shopping a few days before the launch date. This strategy also makes sense when buying vehicles that are likely to be discontinued.

3. Don’t Get Too Greedy:

If a deal is too good to be true, it probably is. It’s easy to fall into the discount trap if you aren’t careful. For instance, be very careful if a discounted vehicle has been sitting on the lot for a long time; it could be a diamond in the rough or a lemon. This is why you must make sure you conduct plenty of research. Learn about manufacturing defects, recalls, etc. Read reviews about the models you’re interested in. Don’t shop impulsively, especially if you’re set on buying a particular brand or model.

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