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Discover Quality Used Cars in Newfoundland at East Coast Financing

Shopping for used cars in Newfoundland may sound like a harrowing experience, but it doesn’t have to be. If you’re searching for a high-quality, affordable used vehicle in your area, you do not have to contend with searching through classified ads and taking a big risk when you choose to buy.

East Coast financing has a wide range of used cars in NL, and on top of our massive inventory, we also have a simple financing application, flexible terms, and reasonable payment options.

Take a look at what we have to offer if you’re in the market for Newfoundland used cars.

Why Choose East Coast Financing for Used Cars in Newfoundland?

Though there are several used car dealerships in NL, there are several reasons why choosing East Coast Financing is the best possible choice. For example,

  • Our financing approval rates are very high, meaning that most people who apply for auto financing with us are approved.
  • On top of high approval rates, our approvals are fast so that shoppers can drive away in reliable used cars in Newfoundland the same day they visit.
  • We have access to more than 17,000 vehicles, both in traditional and luxury brands, so there’s something waiting for everyone looking for a used car.
  • Our payment options are very reasonable, and we accept both bi-weekly and monthly payment arrangements.
  • We will deliver your new used vehicle right to your door.
  • We have $0 down payment options, can work with any credit situation, and we accept trade-ins of all kinds.

If you’re shopping for used cars in NL and you visit East Coast Financing, we will do everything we can to ensure that you leave our lot with a reliable used vehicle at a reasonable price.

How Do We Work?

Much like other used car dealers in NL, we sell used vehicles and offer financing options to individuals and families throughout the area. However, what sets us apart is our willingness to work with people who come through our doors or apply on our website.

Simply take a look at our inventory of NL used cars and decide on one that fits your need and your budget. Then talk to us and apply for financing. We work with people who have far less than perfect credit, offer flexible payment options, and have a wide selection of vehicles available.

Unlike many used car dealerships in NL, we strive to sell the highest quality used cars for the best possible prices.

How To Choose Quality Used Cars in Newfoundland (NL)

If you’re just starting your search for used cars in NL, you might already be feeling overwhelmed about the process. If so, we welcome you to take a look at these ten useful steps to follow when searching for used cars for sale in NL. This way, you can ensure that your used car venture will proceed in the best possible direction.

1. Develop a Want/Need List

Before you start seriously searching for your next vehicle, it’s a good idea to make a list of features you absolutely need your car to have. Followed by this, you’ll also want to compose a list of features you want. This way, you’ll be better equipped to make potentially tough decisions when it comes to buying used cars in NL.

2. Research Different Options

Whether you want to work with used car dealers in Newfoundland, or you’d like to see what private sellers have to offer, take a look online and gather information about the options that are available in your area.Once you have seen the selection of dealers in your area, start scanning through their information to determine whether their terms fit what you’re looking for and if they have vehicles that are going to be satisfactory.

3. Find a Vehicle that Fits Your Needs

Once you have an idea as to where you want to browse used cars in Newfoundland, take the time to find a vehicle that fits your needs. First, search for cars based on your list of needs, then check the price tags of these vehicles and decide whether they fit your budget. If they do, it’s then time to narrow down the selection by determining whether any of the vehicles you’ve found have any of the added features you wanted.

4. Check the Price

If you’re narrowing down your options for used vehicles in NL, you’ve likely kept your eyes on the prices the entire time. However, now that you have a selection of cars that fit your wants, needs, and budget, you’ll want to research your options a little further to determine whether the asking prices of the vehicles you’re interested in are fair and reasonable. To do so, you can compare market values of similar vehicles and then follow the next few steps to gather more information.

5. Ask Questions

Buying a used car is a major life decision, and as such, it’s important to ask as many questions as you can before choosing to buy. For example, when shopping for used cars in Newfoundland, you’ll want to ask about past accidents, working and non-working features, why the car is being sold, and if the title is available.Take a look at these questions to ensure that you’re asking everything you need to ask so that you can be sure you’re getting a good deal on a safe, quality car.

6. Get the VIN Number

The VIN number will tell you a lot about a vehicle, so be sure to ask about it when you’re looking at cars. If the seller doesn’t have the VIN number or won’t give it to you, consider it a red flag.

7. Inspect

You may want to have the vehicle inspected before you purchase it. An inspection can help make you aware of issues you may have overlooked or even positive features that add value to the vehicle you’re looking at. A safety inspection is a great way to ensure that you’re making the right choice.

8. History report

When looking at used cars in NL, it’s in your best interest to request a history report on the vehicle. Having one of these reports available to you can be extremely eye-opening when you’re searching for a high-quality used car. History reports will tell you whether a vehicle you’re looking at has been in any sort of accident, has had major repairs done to it, the status of the title, and the approximate mileage on the vehicle.

9. Negotiate

Once you have decided on a vehicle you want, you are welcome to negotiate the final price with the dealer. After inspecting the car and gathering history about it, both parties may decide on a new, lower price.

10. Purchase the Vehicle

Once you’ve come to an agreement on the car’s price and determined what sort of payment schedule fits your needs, the very last step is to finalize your purchase and drive away in your vehicle.


It can be quite rewarding to shop for used cars in Newfoundland, especially if you’re working with a reputable used car dealer. If you’re searching for a used car that fits your needs and your budget, we’d love to have you come visit East Coast Financing to see what we have to offer.

We’ve got high financing approval rates, flexible payment options, thousands of cars to choose from, and a strong dedication to providing excellent service. Visit us on our website or one of our Newfoundland dealership locations.