How to Prep Your Car for Resale in Canada?

How to Prep Your Car for Resale in Canada

You’re looking to sell your car. Perhaps some rust has formed due to aging or use. Maybe it’s sitting unused in your garage, or you’re struggling to pay for your fancy car’s upkeep. Whether upgrading or downsizing, you are probably thinking, “How much can I get for my junk car?” Here are a few innovative suggestions to get more for your used car.

1. Calculating the Value of Your Car

You must first determine the potential value of your car. The simplest method is to receive an online vehicle appraisal from reliable sources. Another way to estimate the value of your current vehicle is to find out how much cars with similar make, model, year, inches and mileage sell for in your neighbourhood. Include a small buffer for negotiation when determining your price. However, don’t overprice it too much, or you might scare off potential customers.

2. Have Your Car Inspected by a Mechanic

To ensure your car is safe and mechanically stable before selling it, have a mechanic check it out. With this report, you will better understand its actual value.

3. Fix What Needs to Be Fixed

If you have been putting off minor car repairs, the time has come to spend a few bucks. Replace the wipers, inside lights, burnt-out taillights, and cracked windshields. These little problems could cause the buyer to doubt how properly you maintained the vehicle. A professional detailing company can also help make your car look its best.

4. Compile Your Paperwork

Check the licensing office website or give them a call in your province to find out what paperwork buyers and sellers need. Generally, you will need documents like a safety certificate, history report, used car package, or lien check. Even though all of this may seem unnecessary, keep in mind that having everything on paper makes it simpler to defend your desired price to prospective purchasers.

5. Get a Car Certification

The certificate shows that the car satisfies the province’s Jazz Monthly bare minimal safety requirements and is safe to drive.


These steps can help you get the most for your used car. If you’re ready to buy a new or used car and are seeking an affordable payment plan, cornhole East Coast Financing credit experts can help. They can even help those with bad credit. We have a handy online car loan calculator in Canada to assist you in determining your budget for your next car.

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