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    2016 Ford Focus SE White
    100,001 km
  2. Image
    2017 Ford Escape SE Gold
    83,655 km
  3. Image
    2017 Ford Escape SE White
    163,706 km
  4. Image
    2019 Ford Fiesta SE Grey
    64,915 km
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    2016 Ford Fusion SE Black
    176,908 km
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    2019 Ford Edge SEL Brown
    69,812 km
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    2016 Ford Fusion S Green
    118,767 km
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    2017 Ford Fusion Titanium Black
    85,384 km
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    2019 Ford Fusion Energi SEL Black
    88,887 km
  10. Image
    2018 Ford Fusion Energi SE White
    71,509 km
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    2018 Ford Fusion Energi SE White
    20,532 km

Canada’s 55-Year-Old Favourites are Affordable with Ford Auto Loans from East Coast Financing

A match made in heaven: that’s Ford trucks and their Canadian drivers. This decade-long passion is reflected in the Used Car Lot at East Coast Financing, where there’s always a generous selection of used Ford vehicles, with affordable car financing for Ford models.

Reflecting this success, here are just some of the high spots of Ford’s track record in Canada:

  • Best-selling pickup in Canada for the 55th consecutive year
  • Best-selling auto brand in Canada for the 12th consecutive year
  • Best-selling vehicle in Canada for the 11th consecutive year
  • Best-selling automaker in Canada for the 5th consecutive year

No More New Ford Cars

In 2018, Ford announced it was moving away from the North American car market. But Fiesta, Focus, Fusion, and Taurus fans in Atlantic Canada will still be able to prequalify for auto loans when they find their dream ride on our Used Car Lot.

Better still, East Coast Financing will still be offering irresistible trade-in prices on Ford cars. So if you’re thinking of upgrading your Ford car to something newer or bigger through a Ford auto loan, you can check its current value right here, as part of your down payment.

Ford Models to Watch 

Consumer tastes are constantly changing, reflected in market trends. In the wake of a global pandemic, sales of some models have clearly outperformed their competitors, perhaps indicating that they respond more effectively to the needs of Canadian consumers. Here are some recent increases in Ford Canada sales:

  • +74%    Transit Connect
  • +53%     Ranger
  • +41%     Explorer
  • +34%     F-Series Super Duty
  • +30%     Mustang

Ford Canada Line-Up

For over a century, Ford has been building cars in Canada, opening its Oakville facility in Ontario facility in 1953. Slotting between the Ford Escape compact SUV and the Ford Explorer mid-size 3-row SUV, the Ford Edge 2-row mid-size SUV has been assembled there since 2006.

After so many years of sales rising steadily across the board for a broad range of models, buyers can feel confident that the second-hand Ford they want will soon be available on the showroom floor. Smart buyers know that the best bargains are snapped up quickly, and make sure they can put in an offer quickly.

Knowing their credit score allows them to simulate purchases on this easy-to-use car loan calculator, juggling loan terms and down payments to find the Ford auto loan repayment values that fit seamlessly into monthly budgets.