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In addition to providing the very best in car loans, East Coast Financing also offers a great platform where people can sell their vehicles for the best price. If you’re asking yourself, “Where can I find a reliable service to sell my car?” then look no further. East Coast Financing can help you sell used cars for unbeatable prices and with less hassle than is expected of local competitors. In our “Sell my car online” app below, vehicle owners interested in selling their automobiles can easily input information about their car, including the make and model, year, transmission, mileage, VIN, and interior and exterior color. Prospective sellers can also easily upload images of their vehicle so that our expert appraisal team can get back to you with a great deal in 48 hours or less. At East Coast Financing, we have stripped the process down to its bare essentials, that way sellers can get in and out and still have time on their hands.This platform is great for people who may want to sell used cars for trade-in value they can then put toward acquiring a new vehicle through our service. Our inventory of new and used vehicles is nearly endless, from high-end luxury vehicles to everyday used cars, offering customers an enormous range of options when it comes to auto purchases. If you’ve been wondering, “Where is the best place for me to sell my car?” consider reaching out to one of our helpful team members at East Coast Financing. Our goal is to provide clients with a selling platform they can trust and recommend to friends and family. Being a business dedicated to our hometown and roots, we are looking out for you here at East Coast Financing. Remember, after you receive an appraisal from one of our experts, the decision to move ahead is entirely in your hands. You will never be pressured with us, only encouraged. We’re on your team!