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Making Maritimers' Dream Cars a Reality.


“East Coast Financing was built on belief – that Atlantic Canadians could have the opportunity to purchase their dream car or a vehicle for usage, and keep it affordable and easy.”

We felt there was a real opportunity to source a spectrum of top automotive brands which are found more frequently in western Canada and make them accessible to East Coast auto financing applicants.  We’re proud to showcase dozens of vehicles which you’d be hard pressed to find elsewhere in the Maritimes.  We know we can find vehicles you thought we’re impossible to source and to finance.  Tell us what you’re looking for… we can make it happen.

When the time comes to think about car financing in Nova Scotia, go with the best. It’s comforting to know that when it’s time to buy or refinance, you can apply with a trusted provider: Eastcoastfinancing.com.

 — Daniel Verrilli, Owner of East Coast Financing


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Daniel Verrilli
Owner / Finance Specialist


“Daniel Verrilli is a Canadian entrepreneur, investor and philanthropist. He is based in Halifax, Nova Scotia. He is the Founder and Operator of East Coast Financing. He opened the company over two years ago with a mission is to run a successful, and honest operation while giving back and lifting others up to become the best version of themselves.”

Daniel’s background is Italian and Irish. He grew up in New Brunswick and moved away to work in the oil field in 2002, and in 2014 he left the industry to start his new journey as an entrepreneur in the car industry, while applying his passion for property development. In his personal time, Daniel enjoys spending time with his  4 year old daughter Milana. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is of the utmost importance to the Daniel and in his spare time he enjoy’s cooking, working out, yoga and hiking. Daniel developed his passion for helping animals and their families while working in the oil fields.

After returning home from a 20-day round of work, he received a phone call from his girlfriend at the time that his 4-year-old Brazilian Mastiff, Karma, had fallen very ill and her liver was failing. After consulting with multiple vets and spending over $6,000 in 2 days trying to save her, every vet recommended that she be put down. Daniel sought out a vet who specialized in alternative Chinese medicine and acupuncture. Karma was slowly nursed back to health over the course of 3 months. Sadly, she passed away shortly after.

“I don’t wish what we went through with that dog upon anybody and I truly hope as a company we can help people along the way when their animals fall ill, because if I didn’t have the money to even attempt to save my dog I would’ve been more broken knowing that I didn’t try everything”.

Shortly after Daniel adopted 2 Argentinian Dogo puppies from ” Big and Small Rescue” whose mission is to rescue and provide homes for animals from high-kill shelters.No one wanted them because they were very ill, it was a huge financial responsibility that not too many people could afford. Daniel wanted to make sure the two puppies stayed together no matter what. They were thrilled to learn that he was chosen as the permanent family for these two sweet souls. They became the two best dogs a family could ask for! They are also an important part of our team and they join us at work on a regular basis. Lucia and Lucas always put a smile on our employees and customers faces. A dog run was built on location so they can join us at work, and we invite and welcome all customers to bring their dogs in to join them while they drop in for appointments. Because dogs are family!

 “If you won’t give a dime out of a dollar, I can promise you, you’re not going to give a 100 million out of a billion” -Tony Robbins

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Dalius Moore
Finance Specialist

Dalius is our Lead Finance Specialist at East Coast Financing, and a recent graduate from the Paralegal Program in Moncton. Her background in law and document production has proven very useful for helping our customers to understand the legalities of their vehicle contracts.

Dalius is originally from West Texas and grew up in oil country on the Mexican border and spent most of her summers on her family’s oil and livestock ranch. She enjoys backpacking trips, horseback riding and visiting her family back home in Texas. She is passionate about animals and volunteering at therapeutic riding facilities in her spare time.

Ashley Shaw
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Ashley Shaw
Finance Manager

Ashley, one of our Finance Managers, extremely detail orientated in her finance position. Dedication to the company and her customers is her top priority! Ashley will work her hardest to make everyone involved around her satisfied. She has a great passion for the car industry.

She is a country girl at heart and loves the outdoors, growing up on the eastern shore she has had many wonderful experiences from participating in demolition derbies, to off roading with friends.

Ashley just married the love of her life last May and has a beautiful family of 3, their family has a deep love for camping and spends most of their summer at the campground surrounded with family and friends. Ashley is extremely dependable and takes pride in always being the person you can turn to in a time of need no matter of the situation.

Elyse LebLanc
Bilingual Finance Manager

Elyse is our Bilingual Finance Specialist who just recently joined our team from Edmundston, New Brunswick. Her previous talents before she joined us was a career in customer service and several management roles. Throughout the years, she has developed many valuable skills that she now utilizes to assist customers in their search for the perfect vehicle.

Like many Northern New Brunswickers, she loves the outdoors, she takes pride in helping others and is an avid volunteer. She makes weekly visits to our local SPCA and is in the process of adopting her ‘furever’ life companion.


East Coast Financing is able to provide several features and services which make us unique in the Atlantic Canadian market. These include:

  • Access to Over 17,000 Vehicles.
  • Our Inventory Includes Everyday to Luxury Brands.
  • $0 Down Options Available.
  • We Can Work with Any Credit Situation.
  • Low Bi-weekly or Monthly Payment Options.
  • Fast Approvals – Drive Away The Same Day.
  • We Accept Trade-ins Of All Models and Conditions.
  • Delivery To Your Door.
  • Very High Approval Rate.



If you’d like to get a quick and accurate appraisal of what your current vehicle is worth and what it’s value will be on a trade-in with us, find out instantly by using our Trade-in Caluclator.

We have hundreds of vehicles ranging from top brands to everyday usage in our immediate inventory and access to thousands more. Shop now through or current listings.

We’ll handle all the heavy lifting and do all the leg work for you.  Just tell us what kind of vehicle you want, and we’ll provide multiple options fitting your criteria.