Crossovers and SUVs amounted to 40% of all vehicle sales last year, making them the most common category of cars in Canada. Why do Canadians choose SUVs over others? Here’s our take on why they’re in such high demand:

Great in Harsh Weather

The chilly Maritime weather poses no threat to SUVs. You can drive them in any cold conditions, including on sleet and snow. While other cars find deep snow impossible to traverse, SUVs are right at home in such conditions. Their high clearance and great visibility make them ideal for navigating snow covered roads.

Canada’s Lower Fuel Costs

Gas guzzlers, like SUVs, are not a big issue in Canada, thanks to their low fuel costs throughout the country. Since customers don’t worry about gas like others across the globe, they can use their savings on SUVs instead.

Interest Rates

Even citizens with no or poor credit can opt for a SUV. Bad credit card loans have notoriously small interest rates, so buying a vehicle is quite easy. If you choose a new SUV model, you can even find companies offering 0% financing loans.

Great for Canada

After Russia, Canada takes second place as the world’s largest economy. Since its population is spread throughout the country, a normal car simply doesn’t suffice. SUVs enable you to confidently drive anywhere you want and even take a boat or trailer with you.

No-obligation Vehicle Search

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